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New Build Developers - Why you need to work with us.

New Build Developers (and private clients for that matter) choose to work with Creativity Specified because we listen, we offer advice and agree to disagree on occasions haha!

"Its a true partnership between the clients and ourselves."

More so, we ultimately aim to add value to a property by understanding design limitations, budget constraints, build capabilities, product costs and ergonomics and aesthetics that are functional and last.

Q: Why do architects always do this!?

The kitchen above wasn't designed in the location you see above. The architect/developer had drawn the kitchen it at the front of the house and had positioned the boiler in the corner of the kitchen, vented out through the front façade not far from the front door!!!

"If architects/developers didn't keep making these design layout mistakes,

we wouldn't have a business! "

Our core business is to evaluate architects floor layouts on behalf of the developer.

In this example, we reviewed the original floor plans provided by the architect and ultimately re-drew the entire house type for the developer.

We tweaked wall positions, doors locations, re-positioned the kitchen to the rear of the property, added bifold doors, drew reflective ceiling plans, created a utility room off the kitchen (to house the dreaded boiler) and created what we call a "SUPER ROOM"! (i.e. Kitchen Breakfast Family room).

We are very pleased to say that the examples in the photos are over 3 years old...

and was created and specified to last.

We positioned the hob in the island so that the chef can talk to guests and see the garden view. We recessed the tall cabinets into wall, created a utility room off the kitchen linked to garage and ensured that there was enough space for a separate breakfast table, large family sofa and "family wall" with tv & power supply.

All and every detail counts for us and as such we consider the internal finishes to cabinets as much as the external aesthetics, all whilst keeping an eye on the budget.

"This is our "bread and butter" and comes naturally with to us. "

We love working with New Build developers and have experience with working with

  • Millgate Homes

  • Berkeley Homes

  • Spitfire Homes

  • L&G Homes

  • Hursley Developments

  • Fynecast Homes

  • Twist Developments

to name a few.

If you are a Developer...

we would welcome an informal chat to present our thoughts of how we could help you.

We always add value.

Creativity Specified

Interior Architecture Design Specification


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