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Architects plans delivered, but not the dream!!!

A couple of weeks ago we were presented with an all to familiar situation.

We were contacted by a family of whom had architectural planning drawings for a extension to add to the the family home. They already had a builder, but hadn't started the build process due to some concerns with the design etc.

When we reviewed the architects' final layouts, we realised why!!!

The attached is a PowerPoint slide presentation we created the same week the clients got in touch with us. You may need to press pause/play if you want to read all the comments on the slides as they go by quite quickly.

As with all of our enquiries, we wanted to show the clients the potential they have with their home.

We quickly focussed on the ground floor to show them what could be achieved within the architects layouts. We also highlighted potential flaws within the 2nd floor layout.

From here, we produce our own CAD drawings; designed to scale, provided to the client digitally; partnering up and managing the process with the Planning Architect and Builder.

This is an example of the work we love to produce everyday i.e. rewriting or re-designing Planning Architects drawings; enhancing the potential that all homes have; and managing the process on behalf of our clients.

If you have any project in mind, please get in touch.


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